Britain has never needed the Liberal Democrats more than it does today. But even the party’s best years haven’t been good enough – and we’re a long way from our best years now.

To save Britain’s future, the Liberal Democrats must reinvent themselves as a fast-moving and inspirational movement that no one can ignore. We are here to convince and enable the party to do just that.

Your Liberal Britain is the activist movement for people who want to stop Brexit and build a future to make them proud. We aim to show the Liberal Democrats what a political movement can achieve, challenge them to change, and help them seize the opportunity ahead.

To do it, Your Liberal Britain will innovate and experiment to develop the new approaches needed to build the party of tomorrow.

We began by running the largest consultation the Lib Dems have ever performed, producing a vision statement for the Liberal Democrats authored by 7,000 members.

We’ve also launched the Online Champions community, which gives members of the Liberal Democrats a way to campaign for our party online, the Ashdown Prize for Radical Thought, the new Brexit & Health Volunteer Resource Groups – and much, much more…

Join us at http://www.LiberalBritain.org/sign-up.

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