Liberal Democrats pour their time into politics because they want to create a better society. We exist to build a world where everyone can lead the lives they want to live, hold the powerful to account, and change the world around them for the better.

We want to be in government to help Britain become a country where everyone – absolutely everyone – is guaranteed a fair chance at a rewarding life. Nothing about you should change that: not what you believe, whom you love or how you look.

We want to create a country that doesn’t just leave people free to be themselves, but a country that backs people to be who they want to be, safe from prejudice and intolerance.

It would be a country that welcomes people to build a life here, and expects everyone to shoulder our shared responsibilities: to each other, in Europe, and towards humanity and the planet as a whole.

We want a country where government stands up for the vulnerable, hard work yields fair rewards, and equal work means equal pay.

This is the Liberal Democrat vision for Britain.

Life may never be perfect, but we can do better than what we see around us today. We can be better than we are today. No one is going to build this country for you: but you can help make it happen. It’s up to you.

Here at Your Liberal Britain, we believe that the best way to see change is to make it happen. 

We’re here to empower you do just that: we help you advocate for change, innovate new policy solutions, and mobilise other activists in your area. To that end, there are
 loads of different ways you can get involved, from local events to advocacy campaigns and quick ways to volunteer online. 


Join us at http://www.LiberalBritain.org/sign-up.

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