Our mission
Your Liberal Britain is the campaign for liberal activism: our mission is to help liberals take action on the causes they care about. 
Our philosophy
Millions of liberal-minded people in the UK are horrified at the direction our country is taking. They feel alienated by both the Tories and Labour. They know that we can build a better society. And they want to do something about it.
What we do
We work to introduce you to the charities and communities you can join, the steps you can take in your life to enact change, and the political action you can take locally and nationally. 

From January 2019 onwards, Your Liberal Britain will run regular innovation challenges that seek to surface and showcase liberal solutions to the urgent challenges facing Britain today. Our aim is to draw attention to these practical, liberal ways to achieve ambitious and focussed goals, from how we can rapidly ending rough sleeping or house thousands of refugees in the UK right now, through to how we can wholly reinvent our education system to ensure that Britain leads in the global knowledge economy. 

To find out more, join us at http://www.LiberalBritain.org/sign-up.

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