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What kind of society do you want to build? What improvements would it bring to people’s lives?

Before you give us your answers, why not look over these ideas for what it means to be a Lib Dem today, written by anonymous party members for Agenda 2020‘s recent essay competition.

Ever wondered what the hell the Lib Dems have ever done for you? Wonder no more!

If you want a refresher on Lib Dem values and priorities, look no further than the Agenda 2020 group’s consultation paper

In fact, Agenda 2020 even invited people to disagree. Here are ten different views of what it means to be a Liberal Democrat.

The party’s published a couple of such longer descriptions about what the Liberal Democrats stand for too in the past too. There’s our preamble, of course, and our most recent conference-approved statement of party values: It’s About Freedom.

But if you want a concrete, unambiguous picture of what we stand for – well, take a look at what we did in government:



For me, Liberal Britain is a country where...

  • ...Everyone is helped to be the best they can be
  • ...Everyone would be working together to improve everyones livesLynda Daynes
  • ...individuals and communities respect each other and shared values are learned and practisedDorothy Marshall-Gent
  • ...Your vote counts and you can trust the media & politiciansDrew Durning
  • ...We are open, tolerant, inclusive and socially responsible.
  • ...we are tolerant, welcoming, meritocratic, caring, enterprising, progressive and responsible
  • ...People can be themselvesRichard Swift
  • ...Young people and the elderly have the support they needDorinda Cooper

What's your vision for Liberal Britain?

We want you to think big, take part in the conversation, and inspire those around you.