Writing the Party Vision Statement

As a party we aim to build a fair, free and open society in today’s Britain – we call it Liberal Britain for short. But what would it actually look like?

We want you to think big, take part in the conversation, and inspire those around you with your own vision for a Liberal Britain.

We hope to write a vision statement for the party – we’re going to submit it for debate at Federal Conference, and see whether the party likes it. Every contribution will help us pull together a compelling vision for the society our party wants to build.

We’re very grateful to our patrons, Ramesh Dewan and Lord Chris Fox, for their generous support, and to all of the individual members who donated at our events. Thank you!


What we’ve done so far

Over the summer of 2016, Your Liberal Britain ran a joint consultation with the Liberal Democrats asking members what a Liberal Britain would look like.  We were blown away by your support, with 7,000 people taking part and events from the Highlands to Cornwall.  You can read what we found here.

After Autumn Conference 2016, we ran a party wide vision writing competition asking people to submit their entries based on what we found in the consultation.  There were hundreds of submissions from across the party, and from this a shortlist was created based on how well each vision met the criteria we set out in the terms of reference.

The finalists went through to the judging panel of diverse and senior figures within the Liberal Democrats who viewed the name-blind entries.  They settled on one winner and two runners up, which you can read here.

After getting members feedback at Spring Conference 2017, the writing group has gone back to improve on the final vision statement that they have been working on since the winner was chosen.

With the snap General Election, Your Liberal Britain has paused work on the vision statement while we work on another project to support the party in the short campaign.  Interested in getting involved?  Check out our Online Champions project to find out how you as a member can help the party in the General Election 2017.


Be inspired

What kind of society do you want to build? What improvements would it bring to people’s lives?

Why not look over these ideas for what it means to be a Lib Dem today, written by anonymous party members for Agenda 2020‘s recent essay competition.

Ever wondered what the hell the Lib Dems have ever done for you? Wonder no more!

If you want a refresher on Lib Dem values and priorities, look no further than the Agenda 2020 group’s consultation paper

In fact, Agenda 2020 even invited people to disagree. Here are ten different views of what it means to be a Liberal Democrat.

The party’s published a couple of such longer descriptions about what the Liberal Democrats stand for too in the past too. There’s our preamble, of course, and our most recent conference-approved statement of party values: It’s About Freedom.

But if you want a concrete, unambiguous picture of what we stand for – well, take a look at what we did in government:


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