Stop Brexit

Sick of the mess that the Tories have made of Brexit? You’re not alone.

Here are three things you can do to take direct action to avert Brexit and secure the people a final say on the deal: 



Everyone can see that the Tories are making a mess of Brexit. None of us voted for a no deal or a bad deal that would wreck our economy and put our public services at risk. Don’t you think that if the Brexit deal is rejected by Parliament, then we, the people of Britain, should have the democratic right to determine our own future? Sign the People’s Vote petition on the final Brexit deal today. Take back control: for real.



What we often forget is that we can always call-in to talk shows such as LBC or your local radio station. Running street stalls and knocking on doors is all well and good, but there are other ways of convincing the public that we need a final say on the deal. Media coverage is one of them. Writing to the letters section of your local newspaper is another option. Don’t wait for someone else to do it: get out there, get calling, get writing, and turn this country around for good. 

(Unless you want leaving the European Union to feel exactly like this…)



Is your business suffering because of the drop in the value of the pound? Or is your job in jeopardy?

Your MP needs to hear about it. They’re the ones who’ll get to decide if the people get a final say on the deal: so we need to convince them that you deserve one. 

To that end, we’ve designed a simple event, where you and other like-minded people in your area can get together and learn what you can do to save this country’s future. There and then, you’ll learn how and why to lobby your MP. 

We’ll travel to wherever you are to run this event for you. Request a phone call now to learn about how you can bring your community together around stopping Brexit.

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