Vision Competition

Our challenge to you

As a party we strive to create and safeguard a fair, free and open society. We call it Liberal Britain for short.

We know what it means to us – but what would it actually look like? And how far towards that goal could we reach by 2030?

How might a single parent’s life be different by 2030, for example? Or a pensioner’s? Or teenager’s? How would our towns, cities and countryside look different? What about our communities, jobs, schools and hospitals?

As a party we need to set ourselves a long-term goal that’s both realistic and inspirational.

We want you to write a down-to-earth description of life in Britain in 2030 in no more than 500 words.

Familiarise yourself with our judging criteria, below, then read on to find out how to submit.


Judging Criteria

Our judging panel will be looking for a vision statement that reflects our values. Taking the Agenda 2020 exercise together with our very own Your Liberal Britain consultation, you can think of those values as a commitment to guarantee everybody, without exception:

·       The opportunity to succeed
·       The power and voice to shape their own lives and communities
·       The freedom to be themselves
·       The support to always have a fair chance at a happy, fulfilled life
·       The responsibility to share the burden

Bear in mind too that we will be looking for a vision statement that’s:

·       Accessible, using simple language and straightforward concepts
·       Inspirational to members and supporters alike
·       Distinctive, setting out a vision no other political party would support
·       Grounded in the social problems facing Britain today
·       Realistic to achieve once we return to government

The judges will mark each entry against those criteria, so don’t forget to ensure you’ve addressed them.


The important details

Upload your entry by the end of Wednesday January 4th, including your full name. The winning entries will be announced in late January, after the judging panel meets on January 25th.

The judges for this competition are:


Amna Ahmad             –          Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Ben Williams              –          Chief of Staff to Tim Farron

Caron Lindsay            –          Social Security Spokesperson for Scotland

Jonny Oates               –          Former Chief of Staff to Nick Clegg

Rumi Verjee                 –          Member of the House of Lords

Sal Brinton                  –          Party President

Peter Price                  –           Member of the Federal Policy Committee


The author of the winning entry and two runners up will be invited to join a writing group with a group writers who together represent the ideological diversity of the party. Together they will use the winning entry as a starting point for writing Your Liberal Britain’s vision statement. They will need to work collaboratively to agree a document that meets all the above criteria and is also sufficiently balanced to appeal to the full breadth of the party.

Your Liberal Britain will take their final draft to Conference in 2017. We intend to propose that the party adopt it as our official vision statement, and use it to inspire and inform policy, communications, campaigns, membership induction and candidate training. But it will be up to the membership to decide: it will only be adopted if it passes a vote!

For further details, read our full guide here.


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